Rehearsals for You Can’t Take It With You:

I thought I’d show you a couple of pictures I took at rehearsal last night.

What!” you say.  “Who wants to see that?  I came here because I thought you’d talk about interesting like that Vick post or updates on the big sites–”

But remember, I just got a new camera phone, so I’ve gone back to taking photos of everything!  It’s like when I show you 209 photos of my dogs   or looking at 147 photos of a baby smiling the exact same way and then you find out the kid had gas.  This is better though because there’s only 2 pics…  and I think everyone is gas free.

John at rehearsal Here’s John!  I caught him right before he gave me that hand gesture that says how much he loves me.  He does that a lot in photos.  In case you missed it a couple of posts ago, it looks like this: 

We’re playing a husband and wife in this show: Paul and Penny Sycamore.   It’s such a joy to work with us in a show, as our friend Suzanne, who’s directing,  could tell you.  Last night, for example, I crossed the stage to stand near John during a scene.  The  WHISPERED conversation went something like this:

Me:  Suzanne wants me to come to you at some point in this scene.  I think this will part is good because it refers to the big discussion we (our characters) had a minute ago.

John: I’m supposed to interact with Alice soon.

Me:  Okay.

John: So go back over there until Suzanne tells you to come over here.

Me: She did tell me to come over here!

John: Oh… you said you picked this spot to cross over.

Me: I said she told me to find a spot! Stop directing me!

John: I am not directing!

Suzanne stopped the scene at this point, laughing, and told the 2 actors doing their scene that she had to stop because “I have an insurrection going on over here.”   I thought we had been quiet.  Maybe I shouldn’t have hit John with my script; that might have kept our “discussion” under the radar.

Moments before "the discussion".  Notice how THRILLED the audience is! ...snore...

Moments before "the discussion". Notice how we're THRILLING the audience! ...snore...


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  1. Lies all lies!!!

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