I am SCREWED for rehearsal tonight!

We’re supposed to be off-book.   I had the best intentions about doing nothing but learning my lines for the past two  nights.  Then this happened and that happened and here I am!  4 hours until rehearsal and I only know half of Act I and a few pages of Act II.

Time to panic!


…my friend Suzanne, who is the director, might be reading this…

Who’s ready for rehearsal! Me! That’s who!

Look, just look at how ready I am! Everything is rosy!   I don’t know about anyone else, but I am ready! 

If it looks like I don’t know my lines, it’s the other person’s fault.  I’m not looking to be petty, and I’m not naming names , but you know how it is: someone else messes up their lines and YOU’RE the one who looks like you screwed up.

Yeah, that’s the ticket!

As for me:

“Oh, Alice!  Please don’t leave the family!”

Thank you!  Thank you! You’re too kind, really!


One response to “I am SCREWED for rehearsal tonight!

  1. I so love your theater posts! lol…

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