Argh!!! Time to kill the computer!

Or actually WordPress for eating my post that took me forever to write!  It didn’t even keep the latest draft I saved!

Maybe it’s for the best.  It was about something very important to me, but at the same time, personal.  I wasn’t sure if I should open myself up like that because a lot of people wouldn’t understand why it was important; to them, it’d be trivial.  For other people, it’d be time for the happy-happy you-can-make-dreams-come-true speech and I’d have to choke them.

If that was true, my brother, a robotics engineer, wouldn’t have lost his dream by having his company go over seas in 2003 and his next dream end when his new job died with the  company having to close its doors last year because of the economy.  According to the happy-happy speech, that’s HIS fault because he didn’t really WANT his dream.  The happy-happy speech can kiss my…

Never mind.

So maybe the computer gods did me a favor and got rid of the post.  Still…

I need some aspirin.


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