Wrapping up “You Can’t Take It With You”

It was so much fun and a great group.  I wish we had another weekend.  We got a lot of compliments from people; I know they nicely told me that I was always in character, made Penny very real, different than me, and someone they watched through the whole show.

Here’s a shot of the set; they did a fantastic job with it.  We joked that we wanted to live there.

Me as Penny Sycamore at my writing corner plus skull holding candy. Seagull over my shoulder belonged to my Nana and then my mom. The books were mostly ours, ranging from Disney to Theater to Star Trek to Buck Rogers, and included Curly’s biography, Williamsburg photos, Wicked the musical, and more.

I looked a bit like my mom and my Nana with those glasses, hair, and dress.

As you already know, I had a certain co-star:

Meeps ready and Im on my way to join him for the curtain opening.

Meep's ready and I'm on my way to join him for the curtain opening.

He lived with us so Cathi didn’t have to drive back and forth the theater each night.  I was worried at first that he wasn’t  happy with us:

Let’s zoom in on that:

But he actually had a good time, especially considering he had never been away from his mom before.  (He looks just like his mom, Tatiyanna.)  And he loved being at the theater, making friends with everyone, especially Brian.  Meep so totally trusted Brian — and Brian could get him to be very mellow — that Meep would calmly sit in his hand:

Yorick! I knew him, Horatio!

Yorick! I knew him, Horatio!

John did a great job as Paul Sycamore and people told me how glad they were to see him in a role that was more than comedy.  He had to play a man questioning his life as father and husband, and dealing with possibly losing his youngest daughter. Both women did a great job as our daughters, with Nikki and John working well in the emotional scenes:

Two other people in our cast: Frank and Maria.  Maria came in late and made such a great character out of Rheba that she and Frank stole a lot of scenes.  I loved watching them together:

Sorry these show pictures are from the same angle; it was all I could get.

Here’s Glenn, as our son-in-law Ed, and Tom playing the lead detective.  It was Tom’s first show and he grow a lot in the role; I hope he had fun so he does more plays.  ANd I wish I got a picture of Glenn and Roseanne who were so much fun, on stage and backstage, as Ed and Essie:

Here’s Joe who played Grandpa.  It’s the largest role he did and he did wonderful!

And it was a good and fun challenge to play father and daughter together; we had to work on how we would show that in small gestures and the way we talked to each other.

Here we’re just goofing around backstage on the first night we had costume and makeup.

I originally was going to gray my hair or wear a gray wig, but we decided it would make me look too much like Joe’s contemporary with his aged makeup.

But the wig didn’t go to waste:

Wigs! They make great blankets too!

Wigs! They make great blankets too!

It was a tough week; rehearsal every night and then shows all weekend.  We got tired….

but got energized with the good audiences!

Too soon, it was over and we had one last laugh together at the cast party:

Joe, John, Glenn, and Joe

Joe, John, Glenn, and Joe

Thanks, everyone, for a good experience.  It will be one of the highlights in my memory.


2 responses to “Wrapping up “You Can’t Take It With You”

  1. OMG that set is gorgeous. I am really sorry I couldn’t have been there to see the show. And I’m glad to see my wig got used for something. LOL

  2. LOL! I was hoping you didn’t see that wig picture!

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