Our family LBI bench dedicated to my Nana, my mom, and my aunt

Every family, if they’re lucky, has a special place where they vacationed or visited often that holds special memories.  For us, that’s Long Beach Island in NJ.  We went every summer; my grandmother, my mom’s mom, once owned a place there for a number of years.

When we lost my mom, we thought of different ways to honor her.  My sister Terry found out that LBI — specifically, Barnegat Light, was offering to have people donate money to have benches inscribed.  She mentioned it to us as a great way to honor Mom, but then after thinking about it, she suggested it be for Nana, Mom, and my aunt DeeDee (a nickname).  My Mom and DeeDee would jokingly call themselves “the High Girls”, their maiden name, like when they went visiting home town they said, Look out Plumstedville!  The High Girls are coming back!  So that’s why the bench has this inscription.  And since the lighthouse meant so much, they picked a place that’s more private — so no fishermen just dumping dying fish and tackle boxes on it — and a great view of the lighthouse.

I couldn’t wait to see it once I heard it was finally in place.  So we went today:

I called my aunt when we got there — actually, I had to call her because I was looking in the wrong place.  But once I found it, I immediately sent pictures to her phone and then these photos to she and the rest of the family so they could see it.

I originally planned to drive up Saturday alone, but John nicely said we’d go together.

Although I could have done without his joking, “You know, kids are going to call it the High Bench and get stoned there.”


So many great memories…. I’m glad Terry thought of making this for more than just Mom and that my aunt gets to see it when my mom and Nana didn’t.

Thanks, Terry for coming up with this, and thanks, honey, for sharing this with me today.


5 responses to “Our family LBI bench dedicated to my Nana, my mom, and my aunt


  2. Thanks! I wish we could do something like this at Cape May for your mom.

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