This thing puts the FREAK in freaky! Marilyn Monroe’s crypt keeper!

I love my husband and I like spoiling him, but come on!

Have you heard this?

Elsie Poncher decided reluctantly in August to go back on a promise she had made to her late husband. Richard Poncher had purchased a crypt (for himself) just above the one in which the body of Marilyn Monroe rests in a Los Angeles memorial park, but Elsie now needs money and thus offered the crypt for sale in August, planning to move Richard to a less prominent place. Richard had been assured by Elsie that he could spend eternity lying face down “over Marilyn.” [Los Angeles Times, 8-14-09]

Ew! Ew! Ew!

The guy demanded he’d be buried face down over Marilyn Monroe!  It doesn’t take a pervert to figure that out!  And his wife did it!

I can’t even imagine that conversation!  If it was John, on his death bed, I can’t picture him asking him to bury him face down over… I don’t know, Jeri Ryan or Jennifer Connelly. And if he asked me with his last breath to make this final wish come true…. I still can’t see me agreeing.  But if I did, it’d be to send him peacefully on his way.  Then I’d put him face up and with the rest of his family.

I think Hugh Jackman is very tasty; that doesn’t mean I’m going to ask John to cremate me and toss my ashes at his goody bits.  If I was high on some drug and actually asked this, can you pictured John ever doing it?  No!

Then I start to wonder really weird things like: what did she tell people at the funeral when they wondered why he was face down in the coffin?  Or did they flip him later?  They have kids!  Did she tell them?  If not, they know now.  And if there really is an afterlife, can you imagine the conversation when this guy had to actually explain himself to Marilyn?

In case you’re wondering, the wife supposedly got $4.2 million dollars for the crypt.  I don’t even want to know how the person who bought it plans to “lay over” Marilyn.


One response to “This thing puts the FREAK in freaky! Marilyn Monroe’s crypt keeper!

  1. I think everything associated with marilyn monroe was creepy. especially the whole anna nicole story with her living in her old house, and taking on the persona of her, then dying the same way she did, and admitting before that that she’d seen and interacted with marilyn’s spirit. ick. this thing doesn’t surprise me tho. doubt if he really got any “jollies” out of being buried that way.

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