Sick dog, sick husband

Who do you think is more difficult? 

Morgan has been sick this week; she got into Casey and Elphie’s dry food which affected her throat of course.  She’s been getting congested and now her energy is down.  You can’t just look at her and see she’s not feeling well.  She gets attacks, where — to keep it from being gross — it gets bad.  (Little Elphie hovers nearby each time, giving me anxious looks as I try to help her big sister.) So I made a vet appointment for her to go today.

But then John woke up and had gout.  He couldn’t walk because of the pain.  So I took the afternoon off to get his medicine and take care of both of them.

Bad news, besides two sickies in the house, is the vet had no afternoon appointments.  Morgan has to wait for tomorrow which sucks.  I hate she has to feel bad another day.

Back to the final Jeopardy question:

Which of my patients is whining and a pain to deal with: Morgan or John?

We’ll go to a commercial while you make your decision.

Time’s up!

Answer: here’s a hint.

I had to get away from John before I smothered him; Morgan is quietly laying next to me. 


One response to “Sick dog, sick husband

  1. Awww…poor Morgan!! Give her a scritch for me!

    Stop whining, John!! 😉

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