Johnny Black as Angel in “Rent”!

The Road Company is auditioning for Rent.  At some point, John in joking with the director about how much he’d love to do the show and he was auditioning for this character, got Lauri to say, “If you audition for Angel, you have the part”!

I know for a fact that if you know my beloved husband, you would pay at least $30 a ticket to see him!  In fact, if you’re from out of state, I could get a block of hotel rooms, and you’d get one gladly to see that performance.

Just to see the one and only John “Johnny Black” Blackwell do this scene alone would be worth the money:

What’s that?  Buy you tickets for an entire weekend? You got it!


2 responses to “Johnny Black as Angel in “Rent”!

  1. I’ll pay $50 plus bring 6 people with me!

  2. I decided NOT to audition because I am too busy with The Odd Couple. LOL

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