Time to get back on the weight loss plan

I did well under Weight Watchers, but the session ended and everyone at work just fell apart without it.  Then my scale broke and I just half-heartedly kept up with things.

Enough of that.  I have a new scale and I need to get motivated again.  Not easy because I’ve felt really tired every day for the past few weeks.  Part of that was Morgan being sick and Casey not sleeping through the night without having to go out a few times.  Hopefully that will be better, at least the Morgan part.

I was going to start this weekend; we had an Olive Garden gift card and I promised myself that I ‘d have soup and salad.  I had one hitch; Deptford Olive Garden is where I had that last lunch with my mom.  I never went back.  I told myself not to be such a wuss and get over it, but I chickened out a bit and we went to another one.  That backfired because, let’s face it, one Olive Garden looks like another and it brought a bunch of feelings with it.  So I’m a wuss. And I’m a wuss who said screw it, I’m having a drink and chocolate cake.

But here I am, trying to get psyched up.  I have a long way to go for my goal and I don’t think I’ll get there by my vacation, but I can get quite a lot of it if I get focused.


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