Happy Halloween! And Happy Anniversary!

Happy Halloween!

I just had my first Trick or Treaters! 

I won “Funniest costume” yesterday at work for my George Costanza bit.  I was glad people enjoyed it so much; at one point, I thought “this is going to bomb”, but instead, people got the joke.

Of course, it’s something very special today: it’s our wedding anniversary!

Happy Anniversary, John!    At this time, all those years ago, we were almost at the end of our reception, and you invited half the party back to our house for more fun.   Gaila made coffee for everyone and prepared all the food from the caterers in case people were hungry.  Trick or treaters came to the door and we forgot to have candy for them.  People hung out for awhile, including Mom who watched the video with us, and then we were alone at last…. and asleep by 9:30.  😉

It’s been a heck of a week.  We had to get a new water heater, a new water tank for our well system, I had a fender bender, and got a bad cold that I’m still getting over.  So we can’t do the gifts and bigger plans I thought of, but we’re still going to celebrate. 


And everyone remember the most important thing this day teaches us.  It’s

Have a great Halloween!


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