I’m so excited for Disney in December!

I made this trip’s graphic!  It has some of the events and meets that I’m looking forward to!

The All Ears Harambe meet with Hidden Mickey hunt is on the Epcot Christmas tree with the elephant and mickey ornaments.  Their Illuminations meet is in the snowglobe, as well as the Beauty and the Beast meet, the Holiday Wishes meet and Christmas party night!  The Twitter bird is their Twitter Scavenger Hunt, plus Mike Scopa’s Dole Whip Meet on a present.

I have the Holidays around the world tag with Kwanzaa and Hanukkah represented in America to go with Christmas.  And of course the toy soldiers for the Christmas parade and Osbourne lights to go with the other events.  And I have a Pluto in coonskin cap for Fort Wilderness and I’m holding a Mickey nutcracker that’s like the little Mickey snowman: because I just like it. 😉

I am getting so excited!  I got more decorations for our site in Fort Wilderness and our golf cart!  I can’t wait to be there, just to share in this special time of year with John and enjoy the fun of Fort Wilderness with the pups.  Plus, we have all these great things planned and I’m going to see so many friends!

A lot of us belong to more than one group; as one reader told Deb Wills, “There is a lot of cross-pollinating!”  So we take advantage of a magical time for everyone to get together who share this same passion and have made friends in all these different groups.  As one person said, “These vacations aren’t merely “just another trip”, but terrificly fun adventures where memories are made”.   It’s all designed for us to spend time together at a favorite place at a magical time.

So many people and organizations are coming that I made two schedules to keep track of it for anyone who would like to make scheduling easier.  The schedules includes all the groups having meets; they also include RADP and Pixelmania meets.   More are getting added all the time, so I’m updating these frequently!

This one is the daily schedule with the meets color coded and side by side so it’s easy to see how they compare:

This one shows a monthly calendar with a list of the meets in case you prefer that.

If you or a group has an event that I’m missing a meet, please let me know!

Last thing:

One of these events is mine!  It’s why my sig graphic above has those pixie dust 3D glasses:

I’m going to share stories about Walt Disney and his plans for Disney World, a get together to see the Magic Kingdom with Walt’s vision. Through it, we’ll see his plans for the resort that led to the three other parks and more places where Walt’s dreams came true. I’m just sharing a love for Walt through the way he did it: storytelling, with his stories and those that knew him best.

People from 3 different groups are coming along, and since Walt loved showing off the unique magic of his park at night, and especially the holiday lights, we’re going to take advantage of the time of year by ending with the Cinderella Castle Ice Lights ceremony for anyone who wants to watch them with me at the end of the “tour”.

If the weather is bad, we’re getting a treat from somewhere like the bakery, plunking down in a dry place, and going on with the stories!

If you’re in the area and would like to join us as I shoot my mouth off with Walt stories, please let me know!

In four weeks, we’ll be there! 

PS: to our friend Steve, guess where we’re having dinner in four weeks?  Expect a phone call!


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