Trying to download the Disney Mobile Magic app?

UPDATED: The app is now available and has been since mid-November.  It’s even available for smart phones.


You’re not the only one.  The web is buzzing with everyone who’s excited that it would be available on Nov 10th.  One problem: no one can get it.  Anyone’s who has reported on trying has said they get the same error as me:

“Either the specified keyword is not valid or the application is no longer available for purchase…..”

It’s not on the Verizon Wireless site either with the other apps.

I literally just got off the phone with Verizon; apparently — and this is what they think is wrong: no one ever set up which phones are compatible. Disney says Verizon was supposed to handle it, since it’s Verizon’s phones.  But a VW manager said they’re waiting for Disney to give the list.

The best they could tell me is to wait and keep trying; hopefully it’ll be fine in the next few days.

I do want to thank Verizon Wireless for outbiding the competition so their customers get first crack at this app; it’s unusual.  Usually, we’re left to drool while AT&T people get everything, so thank you!  Thank you!

And thanks to Disney for setting this up; it’s going to be a great tool!

Now: let’s get it working.  Let’s have good customer service and get this handled, serving your customers and guests the way they should be.  After all, the instructions we were given should have been tested to make sure they work for everyone.

And thank you again. 

PS: The mobile website doesn’t look any different either.  Are we sure they launched the new one?


One response to “Trying to download the Disney Mobile Magic app?

  1. Thanks so much, that is the message I keep getting and I wasn’t able to get through to verizon yet

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