Good Adoption Day at Petco today!

We have applications for 3 kittens!  And at least 2 more possibilities.  It’s the best Adoption Day I’ve had since I started doing the Deptford Petco event.

Every once in a while, you come across a dog or cat that makes you think, “If I was getting….”.  Today, I met the kitten for me, if I could get a kitten.

At first, I was liking little Jasmine.

Look at how cute she is!  And purr… she has a purr 3 times her size!  She’s playful, but easy going at the same time. I’m so glad my friend Vic is going to adopt her!

Then I met little Venture, named for the fact that she’s the first in her family to venture out to checking things out.

I first fell for her marking, but then her spirit, friendliness, and heart just made me fall in love with her.  If I could adopt her, I would.  She’d be Elphie’s play buddy; I can picture them playing together.  I’d rename her Emma, after Emma Peel of The Avengers.  I think it fits her well.

It got to be where I hated people looking to adopt her, like she was mine.  But I know that can’t be, so I’d smile and talk about what a great kitten she is.

We joked she has that brown spot like a Phantom of the Opera mask, and the hind leg on that same size has that same color, the only paw that does.

She’s a real sweetie.

Her whole family is, and they’re all available for adoption, including her mom, a real sweetie named Callie, short for Caliope.

If you’re looking for a kitten or sweetie kitty, check out Venture, CallieWebster, Quinn, Datsun and Higgins.  Or any of our pets at Oasis Animal Shelter that need a home!  That link will show you our animals; this link will take you to the Oasis main web site.


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