Happy Thanksgiving!

We’re enjoying a wonderful one at home.  We haven’t cooked for years; we’ve either been at someone else’s house or a restaurant, so it’s been great to cook and enjoy the holiday meal at home.  I just had pumpkin pie!


I’ve been thinking of Thanksgiving as a kid, and for some reason, I think of one when we lived in South Harrison.  Specifically, the night before Thanksgiving.  Everyone was over, with all the adults in the kitchen doing prep work for the next day and I was watching television.  The funny thing is, I actually got in trouble that night (I had a smart mouth.), but even so, that’s the one that comes back first when I think of that old feeling: being a kid, family, the holiday.  I so wish I could go back in my body and relive that feeling.

We had a lot of great ones over the year: the time the turkey juiced overflowed the pan and the smoke from the oven made us laugh and crawl along the floor!   The one after my Mom’s heart attack.   The one we recorded for my brother in the Navy and then sent the tapes to him, so he could live it when he was away from home.  The ones John and I have shared alone — where he tucked me on the couch to watch the parade — or the one were we had so many people over… a lot of great memories.

I’m thankful for all of them.  That we got through another year and have a great trip to look forward to. That Casey has turned 16 and Morgan has now been with us for 13 years.   That my family will be together on Saturday and have some laughs.

So it’s a great Thanksgiving.  I hope you had just as good a day.


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