Remember when Santa riding an electric razor started the season?

It was the first Christmas shopping commercial that we saw.  I can’t remember if they showed in on Black Friday or later like December 1st with the first Christmas specials, but you didn’t see anything before it and when you saw it, it officially kicked off the season in all our minds!

Isn’t it funny – I remember Santa looking different than that.

Norelco kept this commerical up — with updates — way into the 90s!

So now Santa has been on his Norelco ride!  Time for the season to begin!  I started decorating today; we used to wait for the first December weekend, but since we’ve started vacationing in Dec., we want to enjoy the decorations before we go.  So we started a new tradition of Thanksgiving weekend.  Since I’m taking a break from the tree — and trying to find the power strips for the Christmas village — I decorated the blog.  I’m making a blog for our vacation; more on that later this week.

I hope you’re having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!



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