I published a ST:TOS fanzine!

If that means nothing to you, a fanzine is a self-published mag that cannot make any profit in order not to violate a copyright.  I printed my fan novel The Race of Cain as a paperback book, instead of a mag, for the fun of it.  thank you to my buddy Metlesits Dávid for the cover art.  He’s gotten great compliments for it on deviantart.com.

I was getting ready to submit the novel to the publisher when I ran into some obstacles.

  • Simon & Schuster don’t take new, unrepresented authors anymore.
  • The current editors print only from their inner circle.

I was still going to go through with it — first an agent and then hopefully moving forward — because the slim possibility existed and I wouldn’t know if I didn’t try.  Then came the insurmountable problem:

  • The publisher announced that a highly regarded author was releasing a new book — with the same basic plot as mine.

That was the death knell for me.  It’s tough enough to get them to consider my work, but when a pro that they love is already coming out with the same plot kernel?  My slim chances became

Losing that hurt, a lot.  My writing has suffered a lot of blows in the past 2 years.  For example, when I finished this novel and put it on the web, here was the big audience reaction:

So I know this fanzine isn’t going to be a big seller.  In fact, I’m the only one who has bought a couple, for me and a couple friends as Christmas gifts.  So I have to be happy with the fun of my little fanzine just for me.

And John gave me the greatest compliments:

  1. He’s read 3 chapters of it, and John doesn’t read fiction, so the fact that he even picked it up is something.
  2. He told me, “It’s a great read, hon.  I’m very proud of you.”


One response to “I published a ST:TOS fanzine!

  1. It’s a challenging industry. Best luck with your writing.

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