This will make you stay on your diet.

So says Cake Wrecks and I totally support it!  After all, my dogs have coughed up nicer looking things!

Imagine semi-congealed cement. With a chaser of pond scum. And a dead, flattened snake. Now, imagine washing that all down with a niiice, cold glass of milk. Feeling motivated yet?

Was this on purpose?! I guess so; you can sort of see what they were going for. Maybe someone had a pet snake and it was supposed to be the pet in their terrarium? And then it went so, so wrong.

Not as bad, but you can just feel the sliminess, can’t you?

What IS that?  Is it supposed to be poo?  You can’t be for real.

Speaking of poo…


I’d like to say excuse my language in advance, but….

What The F…. frack is that?!!


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