KISS sings Disco with the Wicked Witch and Mrs. Brady!

Did I get your attention?  I should have.  No?  You are one tough audience. All right, I’ll add:

Paul Lynde of Betwitched and Hollywood Squares

Pinky Tuscadero of Happy Days

Witchiepoo from “HR Pufnstuf”

Betty White of great shows like The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Golden Girls

Tim Conway of The Carol Burnett Show and Spongebob Squarepants

Donny and Marie Osmond

Billy Barty of many wonderful performances and the voice of Figment in Walt Disney World.

And all of them singing Disco! You know, DISCO?

C’mon, I should hear you laughing or calling out things like “You have got to be kidding!” from here!

Now some of you are saying, “You had me at hello” while others are thinking I stood too close to the first microwave ovens as a kid.  Either way, we all want to see it for ourselves.

(By the way, this is when people would have sworn Paul Lynde was straight…. like Liberace.)

KISS wisely stays up in the band area for this, but they are featured in other Disco numbers for the Paul Lynde Halloween Special.  We stumbled upon this the other day; it was one of those glorious moments when I was glad the Internet was created. It was worth every penny.

Here’s the finale:

Someone on said it was Margaret Hamilton’s last performance.  Sigh…

If you want to see the rest of the show, you can get the DVD cheap or watch it online.

Because where else will you EVER the Wicked Witch of the West sing with KISS?


One response to “KISS sings Disco with the Wicked Witch and Mrs. Brady!

  1. All I can say is WOW!!!

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