We’re taking on water, Skipper!

Thursday morning, I found a little flood in laundry room and half our family room.  We figured it was from all the snow melting and rain; not only is our ground saturated, but our street slopes a bit, so everyone’s excess water runs down to our place since we’re the last house.

So I stayed home to use our wet vac to clean up.  I went over everything 3 different times.  I couldn’t believe I couldn’t just pick up the 12 gallon tank and vacuum cleaner up the stairs; I know I’m out of shape, but yeesh.  Then a friend told me later that it’s basically translates to 100 lbs.  Well… all right then.  Be nice if it meant I was getting buns of steel, but I got love handles of hurt.

Anyway, Friday morning we checked and it flooded all over again.  Plus, the tub was half filled, our washer had all this water in it, and we had a flooded bathroom floor with the hallway carpet also a mess.

We got a plumber, who found out that our drains for our gray water (listen to me talking like a camper) was blocked, so it was shoving all of that back into the house.   It was possible the flood in the laundry room was still saturated ground, but we had to fix the drain problem so the tub and washing machine could drain.

Of course, it rained all weekend.

Friday night I cleaned up the latest flood (six more trips with the vacuum tank).  But!

We’re not taking in any more water, so it really was the plumbing problem.  Yesterday, I  went over it again jst to keep getting as much moisture as I can.  The dampness outside isn’t helping in things drying out, but at least we’re not fighting a constant battle.

Thank goodness, because the ground really is saturated; the rain is sitting on the yard.  But it’s not coming in!

Knock wood.


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