The Wii Warrior!

Because only the pure of heart can find the holy grail!

Give it their all!

Anyone can flick a wrist, but some of us are born with a drive to do all we can!  Give our heart, soul, and body to whatever we face!

To have our family laugh…

…have friends worry about the safety of their TV…

…have our spouses ask “What do you think you’re doing?”…

… have kids call us dangerous.

I honestly try to just flick the wrist, but then it starts and my instinct yells, “Charge!”

But at least I don’t hit the little Wii spectators in the stands anymore. 🙂


One response to “The Wii Warrior!

  1. We’ve had a Wii here since it first came out but I’ve only recently touched it. Netflix now offers “Watch Instantly” titles through Wii to our TV so I HAD to check it out. Now that I know I can handle the Wii menu to select and watch movies and television, I’m thinking about trying out a game when nobody is looking. I used to rule the original Nintendo 8-bit system…but not that great on any system since. Wii may be my new domain!! ha! or not.

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