All Ears Updates: Kennels and LOTS of menus

We just did a big update for the menus with some of the changes being really big like Boatwright’s. Others show price changes like Norway’s Akershus Princess Dining.

Thank you to our readers who sent in menu information:

Judi B
Hope H
Libby W

And a HUGE shout out to Roberta Horn who sent tons of photos to update our menus!  That was a lot of work and I’m sure she got a lot of stares taking pictures of menus.  The All Ears team knows what that’s like. 😉  Thank you to anyone who was with Roberta for being supportive of her stopping to take the pictures.  Without her work, we wouldn’t have most of the new updates you’ll see on the site today.

I also updated the kennels page on the website with updated information, such as the new pet spa being built, and photos.  If you’ve never seen the page, I give a variety of tips with having your pets at Disney, including PhotoPass opportunities, who has kennel parking and who doesn’t, and a link to Fort Wilderness’ pet friendly options.

And thanks to all of you who support All Ears by reading the site and newsletter, send us feedback, and spread the word to other people looking for Disney parks & cruise line information!  You’re the reason why we love our job!


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