A friend asked to go to Disney with us.

It’ll be his first trip. That’s always exciting!

Yes, this is my way of telling everyone that Rico is now a part of our family!

Pam called me with the update on his last owner.  We had a little miscommunication yesterday.  His original people lost their home.  That’s when they gave Rico to their son and his girlfriend.  When they split up, the girlfriend said she’d keep him.

The original woman told Pam that she and her husband didn’t sleep at all last night because they were so upset over what happened to Rico.  They and their son -when they talked to this morning — all agree that obviously his ex-girlfriend stopped taking care of him and then dumped him in the woods, abandoning him, instead of calling any of them and saying she didn’t want him anymore.  Or, for that matter, calling a shelter.

They said they didn’t even want to contact her and give her the option of taking Rico back, but they couldn’t take him either.  “Can you find him a good home?” they asked Pam.  She said they sounded very anxious.

“I can do that very easily,” she told them and then called me.

Elphie laughed at me in these ears so I told her ppbbbttt!!

I let John know right away and we took all the dogs to Petco to get Rico a few things that he needed.

They're letting me stay. I can't believe it. I'm home.

So everyone’s doing well.

I told John that it’s so odd to still miss and mourn Morgan so much, and at at the same time, be excited about Rico.  But then, it’s all so different.  We swore we weren’t getting another dog after Morgan, that it’d be too much for Casey and no one is Morgan.  But Rico came into our lives a lot like she did; they’re so very different from each other except in one critical way: they found us after they had been abandoned and begged us to be the ones they could trust.

Morgan, thank you for leading me here. I'll be good to them.


8 responses to “A friend asked to go to Disney with us.

  1. Are you keeping him? He’s cute. 🙂

    • Sorry….I obviously didn’t know what I was doing here…lol. But hey, now you have 2 identical comments from me! WOO HOO!

  2. Are you keeping him? He’s cute. 🙂

    • I must have commented before the rest of your blog was written! You’re a good person, Erin. He is so lucky to have found you and John.

  3. More tears! Congrats on the addition to your family!

  4. Erin and John,
    You are definitely the perfect mom and dad for Rico. 🙂 Congratulations on your newest Disney loving dog!

  5. Aw, man, you got me all teary here! Like I said on FB, you are the best family a dog could possibly hope for.

    Welcome home, Rico!!

  6. I just knew you would end up keeping him. I am so happy for Rico (and you too).

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