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I tiger now!

I tiger now!, originally uploaded by eblackwell.

Be honest! The highlights look fabulous, don’t they? lol!


The new me! Part 1

The new me! Part 1, originally uploaded by eblackwell.

I got a new hairstyle! Something sassy for summer! Part 2 will come Tues night when I get highlights. Part 3 will be: lose weight!

What’s with you and the hats, lady?

It’s a good thing Rico loves me!

The Disney Magic at Cozumel during sunset

Disney Magic – Cozumel, originally uploaded by Woj Photography.

This photo is just so gorgeous. I wish they had it in a larger size to see more detail or a print. This would be a great gift for my cruise loving friends.

Happy National Grammar Day!

Happy National Grammar Day!, originally uploaded by eblackwell.

Our editor, Kim, made cupcakes with editorial marks! You gotta love the creativity.

Time to rake the leaves!

It’s Fall!, originally uploaded by eblackwell.

Our leaf blower had to be repaired, so we got behind in leaf collection. Obviously! The interesting thing: these are just from our FRONT yard! I told you we had a lot of trees!

You know the leaf collection guy cursed us vehemently when he had to pick these up!

Congaloosh 2009 – Hoopla

Congaloosh 2009 – Hoopla, originally uploaded by russes.

What I wouldn’t give to have been there to see this: a reunion of the Adventurers Club!