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Mickey Mouse now talks at Meet and Greets!

This video is from Disneyland.  Does anyone know if this is happening at the World?

What is that?  A voice synthesizer, because he’s reacting in real time, not just recorded phrases.


My Disneyland Matterhorn webcam iGoogle gadget is working again!

HoJo changes the address frequently to keep people out, but they VERY nicely let me access the right address so iGoogle user can have this webcam again.

If you’ve never seen it before, this is one of the best webcams out there and a must for Disney park fans.  Howard Johnson’s runs this cam themselves; it swivels showing a number of landmarks such as a couple different views of the Matterhorn, one including the peak of the castle; Space Mountain; Twilight Zone Tower of Terror; and more.

So take a peak into Walt’s park.  And if you have an iGoogle page and would like to watch it from there, you can get my gadget here.  You have to have an iGoogle account, of course.

Happy viewing!