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Who knew hump day could be the best day?

The first half of this week, to put it bluntly, sucked. John and I went through three days of hell, starting on Sunday. It doesn’t matter who did what or who’s to blame (*cough*John*cough* Just kidding, honey! ) because the truth is, we both could have done some things better.  And the important thing is, we got through it and are better for it.

I also noticed that it actually made me feel better about the other things that are bothering me.  It’s like, now that the real nightmare is behind us, I see the others weren’t as large as I first thought.  Or maybe, I’m just better prepared for them because I have that solid foundation of my relationship under my feet again.

I’m still tired all the time and have sinus problems, but my doctor is hopefully getting that better.  My muse must have taken a job with someone else, because he/she isn’t around.  But maybe if the energy and focus problem improves, the muse will come back.  The weight problem….. sigh, not even I’m feeling good about that.  As for the jobs I applied for, well, we’ll see.

I’ll be glad for the weekend, because we’re beat. And we’re setting aside Sunday for a day to be together, just enjoying each other.  It’s been a long time since we’ve done that.