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Mickey Mouse now talks at Meet and Greets!

This video is from Disneyland.  Does anyone know if this is happening at the World?

What is that?  A voice synthesizer, because he’s reacting in real time, not just recorded phrases.


Ariel and Mickey Mouse help a sick little girl!

I’ve mentioned little Sophia before, the little girl who “adopted” me as her Auntie Erin.  She recently had to have surgery on her arm, and this past Monday, she and her mom Becky called me to say she had to go back into CHoP (The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) for more surgery.  An infection had grown in her arm in the original wound.  I found out Tuesday that she came home, but needed medication.  Becky tearfully told me that Sophia was refusing to take it; after 2 surgeries and hospital stays, fear and tiredness made her dig in her heels.  Nothing they said or did could get the medicine down her throat, and her surgeon said that if she didn’t take those pills, she’d lose her arm.

Before that would happen, they’d bring her back into the hospital and put her on IVs.  No one wanted to put her through that.  Not to mention, even a day of waiting to see if she had to go back gave the infection time to become even more entranched.

I felt so afraid, but I didn’t know what to do.  Nothing I could say would make Sophia listen when she wouldn’t listen to her mom and dad.

And then, as I scoured my mind to think of who she might listen to, I remembered the Disney Enchanted Calls.  I posted about these before where Mickey Mouse or a Disney princess will call.  I did it for Sophia before: I had Mickey call to wish her a Happy Birthday or that he knew she was coming to visit him in Disney World.  Sophia is the granddaughter of former Imagineer; she knows all about The Mouse and his “daddy” Walt.  She’s also a huge Mickey’s Mouse Club fan.  Even with Tinker Bell movies and all,  Mickey means a lot.   She’s been to his house, after all. 😉

And then I remembered I once had a Mickey call of Encouragment for her and it helped calm her down when she was nervous about something.  Of course I wondered: would it work now?

I jumped online and set up for Mickey to call, but there wasn’t anything for someone being sick.  For the heck of it, I selected Ariel, Sophia’s favorite princess.  For her encouragement call, it had an additional option: the person getting the call was worried they’d be okay.

I let Becky know what was going on and held my breath.

Friday, I got a call from Sophia, excited that Ariel had called her on Tuesday.  Ariel told her that she got scared too sometimes and it’s hard to be brave, but she knew Sophia could do it.  Becky told me Sophia hung up at the end, sat quiet, and then said, “If Ariel said I can do it, I can.”

She took her medication.  Every day.

Now, Sophia’s surgeon said her arm is healing very well, everything they hoped to see.  She’s now in the best case scenario, not the worse.  She’s not even middle of the road.  She’s keeping her arm and will have full use of it.  Because Ariel and Mickey called and said they believed Sophia could face her fears and be brave.

It’s a simple little computer and phone program; I’ve always worried that Disney would give up on it and shut it down.  Thank goodness they didn’t do it.  Because the power of hearing your heroes helped a little girl when she needed it most.

Have Mickey or a Disney Princess call you!

Disney’s Enchanted Call is a great little service.  For $2.50, you have a Disney character like Mickey Mouse call a child with a special message.  I did it yesterday for my little friend Sophia’s fourth birthday.  The service emails the parent first (if it isn’t the parent who is scheduling it) to let them know it’s going to happen and who has scheduled it.  The parent can cancel the call if they wish or reschedule it.

Anyway, I was on the line when Mickey Mouse called; Becky put me on hold and then at the end of the call, she quickly switched lines so I could hear.

Sophia: Thank you, Mickey! Bye…. (realizing he’s hung up, she said excitedly to Becky) It was Mickey!  He called me for my birthday!!

Becky then got back on the phone to say that Sophia was bouncing around the house, all fired up that Mickey Mouse called her.  Becky also said the call was pretty good.  He knew she was four and it had pauses in there that fit naturally for her to respond.  Something like this:

Mickey: Happy Birthday, pal!  I hear you’re 4 today! (pause)

Sophia: Thank you, Mickey!

Mickey: And you’re celebrating your big day with your family, right? (Pause)

Sophia: We’re going to Chuckee Cheese!

Mickey: I remember a time (he tells her a story about his birthday and Goofy making the cake).  You have a great birthday, pal!

And so on.

Best $2.50 I ever spent.

I’ve used this before with Sophia.  Mickey has called to say he hoped she’ll have a good vacation, and to wish her good night.  I also used on adults for the fun of it; I had it call Becky’s dad, who worked as an Imagineer, to have Mickey wish him good morning on his big trip!  I got an email: I know YOU were behind that!  And I had Mickey call John once to wish him good night; his reaction: WTF was that?!

You choose from 11 characters:

  • Mickey
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Tigger
  • Ariel
  • Mulan
  • Cinderella
  • Snow White
  • Jasmine
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Belle
  • Pocahontas

One person complained that they don’t have “newer” characters, but the service was made years ago and I guess they don’t get enough traffic to upgrade it.

After the character, you choose from 6 messages:

  • Birthday
  • Congratulations
  • Good night
  • Holiday greeting
  • Encouragement
  • Good morning

Each one then has selections: for the birthday, as an example, I picked Sophia’s age and who she was celebrating with.  You then schedule the time.  It can be right away or a set time.  If the call doesn’t go through, you will get an email so you re-schedule the call, or even change what type it is; you won’t be billed another $2.50 for it either.  And they’ll keep trying; it once took me 5 tries to get it through.

It’s a great little service.  I highly recommend it.

iMickey – You know you’re a Disney Geek when…. Part ?

I’ve been wanting an ipod for awhile, especially for podcasts. But like any “toy”, when I start looking at them, I immediately go to the mega version, like an ipod touch with every bit of room and whoop-dee-doo option you can get. I can’t afford that and I don’t need it, so the urge always dies. But they are handy instead of copying the podcasts I’d like to listen to and any songs to CD.

Then I saw the iRiver mp3 player that licensed with Disney. It’s really inexpensive: even with S&H, it only cost me $20 from a Hong Kong ebay-er who picked it up at Hong Kong Disney (you can’t get them in the American parks yet). I got enough space to fill my podcast and mp3 needs and it’s cute!!! So I ordered it a little over a week ago and it came in on Monday.

If you haven’t heard of this player, here it is:

iRiver Mickey player

iRiver Mickey player controls

So here I am! Happy new Mickey iRiver owner! I already got caught “jammin'” on my way into the office. jamming to an ipod smiley The grinning immediately turned to happy surprise: Is that your iPod? Why, yes it is!


You know, they released a portable speaker to go with it….. 😉

Thanks to darkmoon3636 on deviantart.com for the ipod smiley!