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iMickey – You know you’re a Disney Geek when…. Part ?

I’ve been wanting an ipod for awhile, especially for podcasts. But like any “toy”, when I start looking at them, I immediately go to the mega version, like an ipod touch with every bit of room and whoop-dee-doo option you can get. I can’t afford that and I don’t need it, so the urge always dies. But they are handy instead of copying the podcasts I’d like to listen to and any songs to CD.

Then I saw the iRiver mp3 player that licensed with Disney. It’s really inexpensive: even with S&H, it only cost me $20 from a Hong Kong ebay-er who picked it up at Hong Kong Disney (you can’t get them in the American parks yet). I got enough space to fill my podcast and mp3 needs and it’s cute!!! So I ordered it a little over a week ago and it came in on Monday.

If you haven’t heard of this player, here it is:

iRiver Mickey player

iRiver Mickey player controls

So here I am! Happy new Mickey iRiver owner! I already got caught “jammin'” on my way into the office. jamming to an ipod smiley The grinning immediately turned to happy surprise: Is that your iPod? Why, yes it is!


You know, they released a portable speaker to go with it….. 😉

Thanks to darkmoon3636 on deviantart.com for the ipod smiley!