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Good Adoption Day at Petco today!

We have applications for 3 kittens!  And at least 2 more possibilities.  It’s the best Adoption Day I’ve had since I started doing the Deptford Petco event.

Every once in a while, you come across a dog or cat that makes you think, “If I was getting….”.  Today, I met the kitten for me, if I could get a kitten.

At first, I was liking little Jasmine.

Look at how cute she is!  And purr… she has a purr 3 times her size!  She’s playful, but easy going at the same time. I’m so glad my friend Vic is going to adopt her!

Then I met little Venture, named for the fact that she’s the first in her family to venture out to checking things out.

I first fell for her marking, but then her spirit, friendliness, and heart just made me fall in love with her.  If I could adopt her, I would.  She’d be Elphie’s play buddy; I can picture them playing together.  I’d rename her Emma, after Emma Peel of The Avengers.  I think it fits her well.

It got to be where I hated people looking to adopt her, like she was mine.  But I know that can’t be, so I’d smile and talk about what a great kitten she is.

We joked she has that brown spot like a Phantom of the Opera mask, and the hind leg on that same size has that same color, the only paw that does.

She’s a real sweetie.

Her whole family is, and they’re all available for adoption, including her mom, a real sweetie named Callie, short for Caliope.

If you’re looking for a kitten or sweetie kitty, check out Venture, CallieWebster, Quinn, Datsun and Higgins.  Or any of our pets at Oasis Animal Shelter that need a home!  That link will show you our animals; this link will take you to the Oasis main web site.


In memory of Harriet Doolittle

I went to a memorial service today for a woman who was a major part of our animal shelter.  I didn’t know Harriet well; I mostly knew her from talking at meetings once a month at her house.  I loved that she said her last name, Doolittle, and her love of animals meant she had to follow a certain calling, which she did.  She was a veterinarian.

I went today out of respect and to support the friends I know well in the shelter.  I’m very glad I did; I learned a lot about this amazing woman.

  • She became a vet when very few women were in the field, setting what would be a theme in her life: being a pioneer
  • She started a few animal hospitals.
  • She was a teacher, establishing a veterinary program that still exists and is creating a scholarship in her name.
  • She owned a home along a lake that she kept as a sanctuary for many people who needed to recover in the heart and soul.
  • She was a major, loving force in a young man’s life, including helping him go to college.  You can read his tribute to her right here.
  • She mentored people in therapy dog programs.

And much, much more.  Today, people from the animal shelter, her former students who now teach and heal, people who are currently students, and many friends came to remember her and talk about what an amazing life she led.

In the middle of the tears and memories, one of her former students, now a vet and trainer, did the one thing missing in the memorial: they brought in dogs.  They had just passed they licensing for being therapy dogs, and on the day they passed, this woman brought them to see Harriet who had helped so many people get their dogs licensed and who helped so many hurting people be comforted by dogs in this program.  The dogs climbed up into her hospital bed, and she had her arms around them, enjoying having dogs with her again.  Her own dog, Copper, was with friends in Florida since she had to go into the hospital.

Harriet passed away that night, having had a last day that meant a lot to her: surrounded by friends, students, protegees, and pets.

I firmly believe that we need to use our lives to make the world even a little better.  Harriet Doolittle lived that type of life; she saw pain in the world and set herself to heal it.  She made the world better and left a long reaching legacy because of it.