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Ocean City NJ!

Ocean City NJ!, originally uploaded by eblackwell.

And the first pic with new phone! You can tell it has a full keybord because I’m typing more! It’s turned into a beautiful day and we’ve stopped to eat a fave: Kactus Kafe!


The Fighting Christmas Trees!

What? You don’t know the all star team, the team of grit and determination, the team that embodies both hard will and good sportsmanship: The Fighting Christmas Trees? Seriously?

Ok, not surprising. It started when John and I were walking the boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ and went inside the All Campus store. It sells baseball caps and used to be exclusively for college teams, hence the name. While he looked for alma maters, I saw this cap on a shelf:

I laughed and said to John, “What team is this? The Fighting Christmas Trees?!”

Fast forward a couple of months to October; I was laid off, and my mom mentioned doing something for fun. My sister Cathi took the day off, and the three of us went to Ocean City. I think we were talking about what shops we’d like to see and I remembered that hat. I hadn’t really ever forgotten it; how could I? The Fighting Christmas Trees! I tried describing it to Mom and Cathi:

It’s like a cartoon Christmas tree and it’s got this little snarl, like “Oh yeah?! You want a piece of me? Bring it on!

We joked about it and Mom said she wanted to me to show her the hat. Luckily, they still had them and we had a good laugh. Mom and I decided we had to get them. This was our team!


As we were leaving the store and laughing about it, one of clerks said, “You know, it’s really Stanford University.”

Well…. that’s not nearly as much fun.

It was our joke and if we wore them somewhere, we called to let each other know about the fun we had, telling people about our team. We wore them for that first Christmas and a couple others.

Here’s Mom and me on the boardwalk a little after we bought them.

loyal FCT supporters!

Mom and me: loyal FCT supporters!

Cathi liked the joke, but didn’t get a hat. So here she is, like Pete Best of the Beatles, refusing to get the moptop haircut:

Be careful, Cathi!  You know what happened to Pete Best!

Be careful, Cathi! You know what happened to Pete Best!

(I know one of the reasons why Pete Best got thrown out of the band, and later replaced by Ringo, was due to his refusing to cut his hair into the moptop. And I know this because I saw it in a TV movie about The Beatles, and TV doesn’t lie.)

Stanford doesn’t sell the hat anymore. Luckily, Mom and I were/are more dedicated to The FCT than Stanford is to their team!

Last football season, my company let people wear football jerseys to work. I didn’t have one, but just let them say we can wear team caps….

Fighting Christmas Trees, baby!